May 2014

Things are plugging along for me!  Still slow going, but they are going, and that’s what’s important!

  • heard back about one short story that was submitted in April.  It will be included in an anthology with seven other wonderful stories by wonderful authors.  I am so very excited.  First news about my first publication.  It’s a dream come true.  More details to come in the future!
  • while one other short story was not picked up for the anthology I submitted it for, I had some encouraging feedback on it.  So I’ll be working on expanding it, and see where that takes me.
  • other short story status still pending.
  • The YA LGBT Novel I’m working on is now up to 30K with Part 1 done.  I am very happy with the progress on it, though it might be put on hold briefly for the month of June while I work on other projects.

To Do List For June:

  • work on the short story, and resubmit.
  • work on a short story for a holiday anthology open call.  It… will be difficult getting into the holiday/Christmas spirit in June when the weather is finally warming up, but I do like a challenge!

My work and other commitments are keeping me busy, but I’m working on writing when I can.  I’m really happy with how things have been going so far this year.

About KayWalkerWrites

Kay Walker was born and raised on the Canadian Prairies. Growing up in a small town, books helped pass the time and opened up the world and imagination. That love for stories has long lasted. Kay spends her work days in office administration, and uses spare time to write fiction, for worlds and stories still live on in her mind. She's working on that whole getting published thing.
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