February 2014

Here I am, with my first post and tracking of my progress for the year!  Holding myself accountable and attempting to keep moving forward with my writings, and a goal to be published soon.

January: Was a very busy month that unfortunately didn’t allow much time for writing.  But, hey, that happens every once and a while.

February: I was invited to write a short story with a group of wonderful writers, in hopes to put together a themed anthology to pitch for publishing.  I happily wrote about futuristic spies, and have a first draft of 11K.

A good start to the year, really!  Looking forward to working on an YA short story for an open call, and then get to work on a novella.

About KayWalkerWrites

Kay Walker was born and raised on the Canadian Prairies. Growing up in a small town, books helped pass the time and opened up the world and imagination. That love for stories has long lasted. Kay spends her work days in office administration, and uses spare time to write fiction, for worlds and stories still live on in her mind. She's working on that whole getting published thing.
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